EnGov Hang-Over Cure

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The Ultimate Hangover Cure is also Brazil’s Best Kept Secret

When it comes to a reliable hang-over cure, one that really works, you can forget about old wives’ tales, and put your faith in a tried and tested remedy that’s used by millions of people every weekend. It’s called EnGov. it comes from Brazil, and now for the first time it’s available worldwide, including United States.

EnGov has been around since the 1960s and is probably the most effective remedy for a hangover you’ll ever find, combining a cunning blend of ingredients to relieve and prevent all the symptoms of drinking too much alcohol.

• Soothes your aching head and joints
Calms and neutralises churning stomach and nausea
Boosts energy levels and promotes alertness
Detoxifies your system and flushes away alcohol
Stops you feeling like **** in the morning!

How to avoid a Hangover

hang-over cure
In short the EnGov hang-over cure is your perfect antidote to a big night out, allowing you to drink away your evenings and still function like a human the next day, with no sign of a hangover.

Two EnGov tablets, one before your first drink and one more before bed, provides all the protection and relief you’ll need, against even the heaviest drinking session.

You’ll wake up feeling completely fine, sharp, alert and ready to take on the day as if you hadn’t touched a drop and had a full eight hours of sleep. Now you know how to avoid a hangover, enjoy your night.

How to avoid a hangoverBrowse our site, check out our hang-over prevention tips and cures, then be sure to breeze by our online store and pick up a packet of EnGov. Shipping is free worldwide, including delivery to United States.

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