Celebrity Hangover Cures

cure a hangoverCelebs like Katie Melua, Andy Serkis and Priscilla Presley reveal their own hangover cures in a new survey on the Daily Mail website.

Some good, some not so good, be sure to read to the very bottom of the page where 4 ‘experts’ including a doctor, dietician and a personal trainer tell you what actually works.

If you’re still not convinced check out some of our own tips on the hangover prevention page.

World’s Easiest Hangover Cure

An easy way to cure your hangover

OK. This refreshing ginger and citrus infused water may not help cure a hangover, but the anti-oxidants will improve circulation and the flushing out of all those boozey poisons.

Should relieve the dreaded dry mouth, often referred to as ‘like the bottom of a parrot cage’.
Of course, the most easy hangover cure you’ll find anywhere is EnGov – the Brazilian cure for a big night out.