Man Shaped Hangover Cocktail

hangover cure cocktail the fury

Here’s a cracking men’s cocktail based on the recent Avengers Movies

Called The Fury it sounds pretty good for evenings and as a hair of the dog hangover cure for early mornings too.

Based onSchapps and Black Sambuca, The Fury provides a real jolt. read on…

Rhino Horn as a Hangover Cure? I don’t think so!

Wake up guys and use a hangover cure that actually works

OK, it’s not like we’re an overly political company, or that we have a huge moral conscience, but news reached the Hangover Cure office this morning of a disturbing trend coming out of Vietnam.

Seems like the growing wealthy elite, of the South East Asian country have developed a taste for Rhino horn as a cure for hangovers. read on…

Celebrity Hangover Cures

cure a hangoverCelebs like Katie Melua, Andy Serkis and Priscilla Presley reveal their own hangover cures in a new survey on the Daily Mail website.

Some good, some not so good, be sure to read to the very bottom of the page where 4 ‘experts’ including a doctor, dietician and a personal trainer tell you what actually works.

If you’re still not convinced check out some of our own tips on the hangover prevention page.