How to Cure a Hangover – The Easy Way

How to Cure a Hangover – The Easy Way

Cure a Hangover So you had a big night and want to cure a hangover from hell this morning – right?

Cool, you found the right place. This page has heaps of tips for making yourself feel a little more human right now, and the rest of the day as bearable as possible.

First thing to say is that you didn’t need to feel this bad in the first place. EnGov prevents all the symptoms you’re feeling right now.

But hey, it’s too late for that now, and you need relief, so let’s go with a few ideas on how to cure a hangover and save the rest of your day:

7 ways to cure a hangover in the next hour

First thing you should do, even before reading this page is go get a glass of water, or better still some fresh juice.

Now, get comfortable, sit back and read on, we have some useful tips to make the next few hours as comfortable as possible.

Don’t worry, this is not science class, we’re not going to blind you with facts. You drank too much and you probably feel like s**t, so let’s keep it simple.

1. Drink Plenty
how to cure a hangoverRehydration is vital, you need to take on liquids, so drink plenty of water or juice. This will flush out and dilute the toxins already in your blood.

GatorAde and other sports drinks, which contain high levels of mineral salts and sugar, will also stimulate your system and help flush out lingering toxins. That said, you don’t want to overdo it with the sports drinks, one bottle will be more than enough.

Plus, as most contain some kind of mild stimulant they’ll also perk you up. That said, good old water is still best by a counytry mile.

Try to take on as much as two pints of water in the first hour after waking for maximum benefit. And a glass close by for the rest of the day, taking small sips as often as you can.

2. Take an aspirin
If you’re in real pain and your head’s throbbing, try taking an aspirin or paracetamol.

Obviously, you don’t already have any EnGov, or you wouldn’t be reading this, so the next best alternative is to take a commercial painkiller. It won’t work nearly as well as Brzil’s favourite remedy to cure a hangover, but it should ease the headache.

3. Eat something
Try and do this as quickly as possible. A cooked breakfast works best if you can face it, not because it’s particuarly good for you, just that it will absorb all that booze still sloshing around inside. Otherwise toast, cereal or pastries will line your stomach and soak up some of the toxins.

If you can face it, fruit, fresh juices and salads are the real power food groups you should go for. As well as working their way quickly through your system, the vitamins, iron and minerals they contain restore, even boost, resistance to mild alcohol poisoning – which is basically what you have.

4. Make love
sex to cure a hangoverRecent Dutch research shows sex can speed up recovery from a hangover, according to Professor Joris Verster at Utrecht University.

Apparently the activity stimulates your body (aha) and increases blood flow, which flushes away alcohol.

We’re not sure about the science, but if you find yourself with a willing partner, is there a better way to kill an hour or two?

5. Get some fresh air
May not sound too appealing, but a brisk walk in the park will rejuvenate you and stimulate blood flow – literally burning off the alcohol. If leaving the house sounds a little excessive, open a window and let some fresh air into your room.

6. Got the shakes?
fruit for a hangoverIt’s down to low blood sugar levels and the best way to stop them is by eating a banana or some toast with jam or honey. Other things to consider are a yoghurt, milkshake or smoothie.

Sugar’s a really useful way to cure a hangover, but it has to be unprocessed when possible. The natural sugars in soft or dried fruits are ideal, a can of Coke isn’t.

7. Sleep it off
Time is a great healer, so if you can, take the day off (or work from home). Kick back, get comfortable and watch some TV or a classic movie.

Chilling on the sofa for the day is one of the best ways to cure a hangover, and although you won’t be that productive, sometimes you just need a little downtime.

8. Next time be prepared
how to really cure a hangoverSurely it’s easier to prevent rather than cure a hangover. So before your next big night out make sure you have a packet of EnGov to hand.

One tablet before your first drink of the night, and another when you go to bed will ease away a hangover, before it has a chance to ruin your morning.

You’ll wake up feeling as fresh as a daisy, sharp, alert and ready to face the day, without any of the tell-tale symptoms of your night before.

online storeHow to cure a hangover? How about forget hangovers forever? Grab a pack of EnGov and you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.