Hangover Cures of the Rich and Famous, Part 1

Author’s Hangover Cures – 6 of the Best

In the first of an occasional series detailing hangover cures favoured by celebs and well known figures through history, we concentrate on that most inebriated of breeds – authors. Six of the most ouutrageous hang-over remedies you’ll ever see.

hangover cure

Hangover Cure Outlaw – Hunter S. Thompson

There’s never been a breed quite like the writers of this world, when it comes to legendary alcohol (and substance) indulgence. From classical authors like Byron and Mary Shelley, to the Beat generation’s experimental imbibers right through to today’s leading novelists, alcohol has played a pretty vital role in lubricating the creative cogs and inspiring some of the most loved books, poems and songs in history.

I’m not sure how many of these hangover cures work as well as a couple of EnGov, but they certainly make for an interesting read. So here, in no partiucular order are 10 hangover cures, as recommended by famous authors:

1. Beer and Poppers - Nice and simple stuff from Hunter S. Thompson, who swore by this remedy for a hangover when he needed to drive long distances. By all means try it out, but not when you’re behind the wheel!

2. The Polish Bison – A meaty cocktail of Beef paste and Vodka, and the morning after drink of choice for Kingsley Amis.

3. Worcester Sauce,Raw Egg and Pepper was prescribed by PG Wodehouse, via his man-servant charecter Jeeves, throughout his novels.

hangover cure

Anthony Burgess

4. Absinthe and Champagne - Mixed to a opalescent milkiness worked for Ernest Heminway, who knew a thing or two about hangovers, but maybe not how to cure them that well.

5. The Hangman’s Blood – a gruesome cocktail containing double shots of Gin, Whiskey, Rum, Port and Brandy, finished with a bottle of stout and a Champagne topper. Anthony Burgess was the creator and he claimed the concoction tasted smooth and induced somewhat metaphysical hangover relief.

6. Listerine and NyQuil were the one-time favourites of horror novelist Stephen King, who usually preferred to ‘just carry on drinking‘.


Buy EnGov hereGot any better hangover Cures we should know about?
Of course, we’d suggest EnGov – the Brazilian hangover cure, but if you have an unusual remedy that works for you we want to hear about it.

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