5 popular hangover cures that aren’t fit for service

Don’t be fooled, most popular hangover cures just don’t work!

OK we spend a lot of time here at hang-overcure.com talking about hangover remedies that do work. But how about putting the record straight on a few that don’t and one that certianly will.

Check out these 5 popular hangover cures that won’t do a thing to fix your aching head, and in fact, may slow your body down as it gradually recovers from your excesses the previous night.

popular hangover cures
1. Hair of the Dog

The classic morning after drink and one of the most popular hangover cures in history.

But do yourself a favour and avoid any alcohol the day after drinking. Unless of course, you’re on a bender, in which case, carry on by all means. But if you’re looking to get rid of a hang over, the last thing you need to be doing is topping up your alcohol levels.

You’re also leaving yourself wide open to the double hang over, because you’ll re-start the process of dehydration that leads to a headache and upset stomach.

Hell, the term Hair of the dog comes from a time when folk treated rabies by rubbing a rabid dog’s hair into infected wounds. No thanks, this is one old wives tale that should definitely be left in the history books.

2. Dry Toast
My mum used to give me this when I was a teenager. I hated it and as it turns out it’s hang over healing effects are neglible. Forget the hokem about charcoal being good for treating poison, because the carbon produced on a piece of toast is nothing like that used by doctors in olden days.

The way I see it, you’re just piling on the pain and I’d rather pile on the butter.

3. Oysters and Shellfish
Are you kidding me. How can a creature that’s still alive at the time you eat it, and looks like spit, be good for a hang over?

It may be one of the most popular hangover cures in Latin countries, but it won’t do jack to help.

In fact, almost any seafood will only aggrevate your stomach and may just send your body’s internal defences over the edge and you to the bathroom. The high levels of protein they contain can easily trigger your immune system, which basically means you run a high risk of vomiting.

4. Coffee
5 popular hangover cures that don't workIt hurts me to say this, but a strong black coffee may seem like a good idea, and give you a quick energy boost. But the reality is caffeine is a diuretic, which means it makes you want to go pee-pee and will dehydrate you further.

The good news for Java or espresso lovers is that coffee does have some short-term benefits, which I’m sure you’re aware of. Relieving fatigue and diverting attention from your headache, will certainly help you get out the door, if you have to work.

I just can’t say don’t drink coffee, it’s been my friend for too long. So maybe just the one cup.

hang over breakfast5. The Huge Fry Up
Again, it gives me no pleasure to write this stuff, but gorging out on a large fried breakfast will merely divert your attention from a hang over. It certainly won’t do that much to help recover. Although there is some evidence emerging that another staple hangover food – the bacon sandwich – may be effective at curing hangover, and eggs may have some therapeutic powers, there is little to support the idea that greasy food will help you.

Sorry, but other than tasting good and filling your belly, there is not much chance a fry-up will help. That said, if you want to taste something good, and fill you stomach, I can think of worse things.

More on hangover foods in later posts my firends, but for now, how about a remedy to prevent a hang-over in the first place?

popular hangover cures that workIf you sleep-walked your way to this page, in a hungover blur, you should know that we sell what is probably the most effective hang-over cure on the planet. It’s a tablet called EnGov and it comes from Brazil.

Take one of these puppies before you have your first drink and a second before you hit your bed, to prevent any sign of a hangover the next day. Listen, EnGov really works, this isn’t some kind of urban myth, it’s been around for years.

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