Rhino Horn as a Hangover Cure? I don’t think so!

Wake up guys and use a hangover cure that actually works

OK, it’s not like we’re an overly political company, or that we have a huge moral conscience, but news reached the Hangover Cure office this morning of a disturbing trend coming out of Vietnam.

Seems like the growing wealthy elite, of the South East Asian country have developed a taste for Rhino horn as a cure for hangovers.

rhino horn hangover cureThe country has an appalling record on animal welfare, and officials appear to be doing nothing about an increasing trade in rhino horn which is imported from South Africa.

Internationally banned for almost 20 years, Rhinos are an endangered species and poachers are now causing real concern in South Africa, as conservationists struggle to save the animal’s long term future.

We’re not going to push the politics down your throat, but we do think this is pretty slack, so if you’re interested in reading more, check out this report from UK newspaper The Guardian.

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