Forget about hangover cures, how about a little prevention

Hangover Cures are great, but how about a little prevention?

hangover curesYou probably found our site in your search for hangover cures, but did you know that a few simple steps before you start drinking, will significantly reduce the impact of alcohol on your system, and limit the damage it can do to your body.

Of course, popping a couple of EnGov is without doubt the best cure for a hangover you’ll ever find, but here are a few more ways you can prepare yourself for a night of drinking, and lessen any negative effects the day after.

6 of the best hangover cures that work:

1. Eat something. The old addage about lining your stomach is actually true, and having a good meal will also slow down the absorbtion of alcohol and help your digestive system deal with the toxins.

2. Drink milk. Again, this is more than an old wives tale, because a glass of milk really does protect your stomach and digestive system.

3. Drink water. Alternating your drinks with even a small glass of water allows your body to better regulate itself. Alcohol does little to quench your thirst but its dehydrating effects will make you more thirsty, which in turn will give you a headache.

4. More water. With or without EnGov you should always drink a large glass of water before you go to bed. As well as flushing through the alcohol, it will also prevent dehydration and lessen your headache next day.

5. No Coffee at the end of the night.  One of the lousiest hangover cures you can imagine. Coffee will stop you sleeping, increase dehydration, irritate your bowels and slow down your body’s recovery. Instead reach for the fridge and take a huge gulp of juice (ideally with an EnGov), then hit the sack.

The same applies next morning, but hey, sometimes you just need a coffee, and with less alcohol in your system, its negative effects are greatly reduced.

6. Take 2 EnGov. Without doubt the most effective cure for hangover symptoms on the market. Here in Brazil it’s a favourite of party-lovers, and millions of people turn to its healing qualities, to prevent the harsher side effects of a night out.

It’s one of Brazil’s best kept secrets, and exactly why so many Brazilians can successfully combine a love of partying with working in one of the world’s most prosperous economies.

Most hangover cures don’t work. This one is different.

EnGov is perfect for anyone with a busy modern life, who enjoys letting their hair down and having a good time, but still has to show up and perform the next day at work. Put simply it gives you Bounce-Back-Ability, leaving you physically and mentally ready to face whatever you have to do.

Don’t let the night before spoil the day after

best hangover curesEnGov prevents and relieves:

• Headaches
• Drowsiness
• The Shakes
• Hot Flushes
• Diarrohea
• Nausea
• and that Sleazy, dirty feeling you always get

Like we say in Brazil – EnGov We Trust!
Simply pop one tablet before your first drink then another before bed, and you can forget other hangover cures for good, because you just won’t need them.

Hangover cures that work

You’ll sleep like a baby while the EnGov flushes out toxins, stimulates your circulation and prevents the alcohol you’ve consumed dehydrating your body. When you wake up they’ll be no headache and you’ll feel sharp, alert and ready to face the day.