EnGov Remedy for a Hangover – Here’s the Science

EnGov – Remedy for a Hangover and Rapid Detox

The exact formula of Brazil’s favourite remedy for a hangover is a closely guarded secret, but the healing and preventative effects of EnGov are well known and trusted by millions.

First developed back in the 1960s as a cure for allergies, it wasn’t long before Brazil’s jet-set found another use for EnGov.

They soon realised it worked rather well as a cure for hangovers and were amazed how clear headed they felt next day.

Surely the best remedy for a hangover you’ll ever find and here’s why

EnGov goes way beyond the usual next day ‘pick me up’ you’ll find in your local chemist. It’s been tested, developed and improved for over 50 years and now targets every way alcohol can affect your body.

β€’ Powerful Painkiller – An Aspirin style painkiller works to prevent headache and relieve muscle pain

β€’ Detox and Body Flush – Prevents long term damage to your liver and kidneys. Stops you feeling grotty, weak and effectively re-energises your body’s vital organs.

β€’ Neutralising Antacids – Mineral salts reduce your stomach’s acidity levels, settle your tummy and prevent excess gas or diarrhiea.

β€’ Stops the Shakes – Vitamins B, C and E help boost your body’s natural immune system, flush out your blood and detox.

β€’ Hydrates and Re-Balances – Alcohol literally dries you out, resulting in an aching head and body. EnGov prevents dehydration and restores your body’s natural equilibrium.

β€’ Prevents Nausea – Powerful Anti-Histamines usually used to treat flu and allergy calm your stomach and stop the waves of nausea.

β€’ Reduces Drowsiness – Vitamin C and Caffeine give you the energy boost you need to carry on as normal, no matter what you were drinking last night.

Little short of a miracle ENGOV goes way beyond your average next-day tablet

best remedy for a hangoverSo Here’s the science

Your body is an amazingly complex machine, and the damaging effects of alcohol can severely impair its smooth running in more ways than you may think.

As well as the familiar feelings we all recognise as ‘being hungover’, headache, blurry vision, the shakes and an upset tummy, too much booze will also do harm that you may not be aware of.

Your liver and kidneys are particular vulnerable to alcohol. And that’s why EnGov goes way beyond any other remedy for a hangover, by flushing out and removing lingering alcohol deposits that could be causing you serious long-term harm.

The same goes for restoring your blood sugar levels, which are usually all over the place after a night’s drinking. In fact, two of the main results of a being hungover – light-headiness and the shakes – are very similar to symptoms of Diabetes.

While you can find endless cheap ways to stop a headache, only EnGov restores your body’s natural balance, by addressing the core issue, which is that you’ve mildly poisoned yourself.

Way more than your average ‘pick-me-up’ remedy for a hangover

EnGov is a time proven cure that contains no banned or harmful substances. All its ingredients have been passed as safe for use inΒ United States and around the world.

It’s been around since the 1960s and is produced by one of Brazil’s largest manufacturers of medicinal products Hypermarcas. As this article in the New York Times notes, Engov was originally developed for allergy relief, but users quickly found it worked wonders as a remedy for hangover and the manufacturers re-packaged their product to a new market.

what is the best remedy for a hangoverEnGov is nothing short of a miracle if you enjoy a drink, but lead a busy life that doesn’t let you sleep off the effects of too much booze.

You never need to suffer another rough morning again. Grab a pack now.